BTS: Studio Fun



Testing, a little character building  from our beautiful model Anele Ntuli and stylist Pieter Burger



We pressed this dress so many times to get it just right,with studio photographer Lauren Mulligan 


German  magazine, Terra Mater, capturing our first studio shoot with Swedish photographer Per-Anders Pettersson 
Yes Pieter used to be a mode 
This photo is a big lie. At this point we weren't feeling anything
Fit and Fuss
Braided Texture
We all had a moment of silence when we but this combination on
Skin by Natalie Wood
Morning briefing
Location Scouting
Pieter Burger, The Stylist
Natalie Wood, The Make up Artist
For the LOVE of Print
Started from the bottom now we here. (our first flagship store)

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  • This is amazing Anissa! Congratulations on this fantastic achievement ?

    • Natalie WOod